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C.P.G. Designs: Contributes to the exterior and interior society in an organized way, the select list of projects completed and on progress includes but not limited to commercial and residential projects as office, restaurants and showrooms. Offices, Villas, beach resorts etc., Plan, Design and Execution are our scope of works.

C.P.G. Designs: even so to indicate its experience into hospitality in design and execution Spider Glazing, Structural Glazing, Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding System, Canopy, Frameless Patch Fitting, Sliding system Aluminum Windows & Door Hardware.

C.P.G. Designs:C.P.G. Designs: architectural appreciate the individual and substantial challenges faced by the Owner, the Architect, and the general Contractor in funding, designing, and constructing today’s complex buildings. Based upon this appreciation we have tailored our organization to be a positive and contributing member of the building team.

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C.P.G. Designs Put its first step forward on 2000 with a strong vision to specialize and best solution provider in the Industry.

Continuously executing projects either big or small with utmost dedication, handling of world class Aluminium Composite panel, Glazing, Spider Glazing, Special Aluminum Openable Window, Aluminum Windows & Aluminum Partition Door became proficient in terms of quality and timely execution.

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C.P.G. Designs is committed to good working practices, particularly in respect of health and safety. It is the police of our concern that all works undertaken will be carried out in such a manner as to avoid, reduce or control all foreseeable risk to the health and safety of its employees, sub-contractors and the general public.

Safety policy is implemented as far as it is reasonably practicable and in accordance with the statutory requirements. C.P.G. Designs will ensure that only suitably competent employees and subcontractors undertaken work on the company’s behalf.

C.P.G. Designs directs, all personnel arriving on the site will be required to attend a site induction before commencing work. This induction will detail the site rules and regulations and safety measures.

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C.P.G. Designs presents the quality products and services to their customers and clients. To ensure the standards and the quality, C.P.G. Designs always keeps track with works at each level and every phases of activity in all aspects. C.P.G. Designs has a team of dedicated technical personnel who have been exclusively assigned to take care of quality and ensure the highest standard, to deliver to the competitive market.

Process inspection is made thoroughly at all stages of production at factory as well as activities as site.

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  • Double glazing / Single Glazing Openable / Sliding doors and windows
  • Patch fittings / Spider fittings with Toughened glasses
  • Aluminium Composite Panel wall Cladding
  • Unitized / Semi Unitized glazing systems
  • Aluminum Windows & Aluminum Partition Door
  • Special Aluminum Openable Window

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